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Telephony RFP and Modernization program in Canada

Strongbow led an RFP for telephony services for a premier Canadian retailer, resulting in a cloud-based solution that exceeded savings goals while improving service levels.

Client Situation:

  • 121 store and office locations were using end of life telephony platforms (Nortel/Cisco/Mitel)
  • Stable, reliable telephony service is critical to servicing new and current customers
  • Despite fully depreciated capital and negligible maintenance costs, the modernization project was still required to generate savings

Strongbow Approach:

  • Strongbow analyzed multiple technical solutions i.e. platform options vs. managed vs. unmanaged service to meet customer’s technical and financial requirements
  • Conducted competitive RFP with in-depth analysis of operational, financial and strategic impacts
  • Led final negotiations to achieve the targeted outcomes with winning supplier


  • Cloud-based solution that would seamlessly integrate with the existing VC solution, adhere to stringent SLA’s, and drive $1.5M annual savings once fully deployed
  • Comprehensive playbook to track project delivery by site/month and model savings as sites go live