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During her 25+ years consulting in the IT industry, Cathy has worked with business leaders at many Fortune 500 corporations, helping to drive large-scale cost optimization and modernization programs yielding 8-digit cost savings that can be re-invested to fuel further technology and business innovation. Under Cathy’s leadership, Strongbow has become a leading advocate for enterprise interests in the network technology sector, helping suppliers rethink their approach to build creative solutions that maximize benefit for the enterprise. Cathy is a recipient of the EY Entrepreneurial Women of the Year award. She holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and a B.S. in Marketing from Boston College.

Cathy Horst Forsyth

Founder & CEO

Patty manages all aspects of talent sourcing, recruitment, development and employee engagement, while also overseeing and implementing marketing plans and strategies. Patty joined Strongbow with an extensive background in corporate project management and brand marketing strategy, having worked for several Fortune 500 companies.

Patty Durkin

VP People & Culture

Bob is a global telecoms Executive with 30-years’ experience as a collaborative, outcome-focused senior leader with deep experience in forging relationships across stakeholders to secure multimillion-dollar partnerships with clients. A 29-year veteran of AT&T, Bob succeeded in roles with increasing responsibility in the areas of Global Procurement, Pricing and Offer Development and Sales. As our Director of Network, Bob brings a wealth of experience and passion for helping clients solve their business challenges to Strongbow Group.

Bob Handal

Director, Network

Deb is Director of Engagement Delivery, helping to lead complex commercial negotiations and transformation programs for Strongbow's Fortune 100 clients. Deb’s 30+ years of industry experience includes a wide range of management positions within MCI Worldcom’s cost management and business development organizations. A results-oriented leader, Deb is adept at creating successful outcomes in complex commercial negotiations with service providers.

Deb Lowe

Director, Engagement Delivery

Alex is a proven leader with over 20 years of industry experience. As a Director of Hybrid Cloud at Strongbow, Alex leads the hybrid practice for Data Center and Network modernization engagements with clients seeking to improve both technical and financial performance. Alex earned his Ph.D. in Electric Engineering from Penn State, as well as an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Alex Petrov

Director, Hybrid Cloud

Barry spent nearly a decade working in-house at two of the largest financial institutions in the world, leading a variety of projects including cost optimization and modernization efforts for Unified Communications, Data Center Services, Security and Managed Services. As a Managing Director at Strongbow, Barry architects client engagements to ensure the strategic goals of each client are met and exceeded.

Barry Platzman

Managing Director

Maggie has over 20 years’ experience with global network financial analysis, network procurement and IT transformation planning and execution. Maggie leads Strongbow’s team of Financial Analysts in baseline development and financial modelling, leveraging Strongbow’s proprietary global supplier pricing database to help guide client negotiations. Maggie is also responsible for the strategic development of IP related assets within the firm.

Maggie San Miguel

Managing Director

Chris leads Strongbow’s Engagement Delivery practice and he leverages his 25+ years’ industry experience, both on the corporate side, and on the supplier side, to help architect effective client strategies that both secure short-term savings and pave the way for longer-term, strategic infrastructure modernization.

Chris Woodward

Managing Director

Kurt brings 30+ years’ experience as our Director of Audit & Optimization, having managed hundreds of successful audits for many Fortune 500, SMB, and public sector customers. His in-depth knowledge of billing systems, technology, negotiations, account management and business practices provide for a result driven engagement. Prior to Strongbow, Kurt founded and ran his own successful audit firm for many years.

Kurt Johnson

Director, Audit & Optimization

Marianne has been in the telecom industry for 20+ years, holding a variety of roles in Accounting, Contract Management and Procurement at Verizon and other large financial firms. At Strongbow, Marianne is a Director in the Analytics group, where she is responsible for training our analyst team and driving client projects effectively and efficiently through the engagement life-cycle.

Marianne Ramer

Director, Analytics

Strongbow Team Members

Amy Bronson brings 15 years of experience in Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and most recently Technology Business Management (TBM), working with Fortune 500 companies across various industries. In her last role as a Program/Project Manager, Amy managed programs for several large enterprises, including a global utility company, a major media corporation, and a prominent healthcare provider working with IT & Finance professionals across these organizations. Prior to that, Amy also held various positions in TEM, including service delivery manager and financial analyst. Today Amy is a Financial Analyst at Strongbow, where she is responsible for building comprehensive baselines of current network assets, services, and cost drivers for various client engagements.

Amy Bronson

Financial Analyst

Dan has spent 20 years in the industry working on both the supplier side and in consulting roles. Prior to joining Strongbow, Dan managed relationships with suppliers at the wholesale level giving him insights into their capabilities, buying agreements and internal processes. In his role as a Managing Consultant, Dan leads engagements that balance needs of clients’ current environments and commercial arrangements with an eye towards meeting clients future state transformation needs.

Dan Brown

Managing Consultant

Jo has over 15 years’ of TEM experience supporting large international customers, and supporting contract, ticketing system and network implementations. Today, Jo is a Financial Analyst at Strongbow where she is responsible for building thorough baselines of current network assets, services, and cost drivers for various client engagements.

Jo Calamusa

Financial Analyst

Mary joined Strongbow with 4 years of Sales and Marketing experience. She began her career in residential finance and brings to the table a keen eye for detail and creativity. At Strongbow, Mary supports the business development and marketing teams by conducting research and analysis, maintaining the company’s CRM, and facilitating the execution of marketing campaigns and other marketing-related efforts.

Mary Carter

Business Development and Marketing Associate

Laura has over 20 years’ experience working for one of the largest telecom providers in the US. She supported pricing and business development efforts for large global customers with a focus on financial analysis, contract negotiation, and revenue management. Today, Laura is a Financial Analyst at Strongbow where she is responsible for building comprehensive baselines of current network assets, services, and cost drivers for various client engagements.

Laura Cochran

Financial Analyst

Kasey has over 25 years of experience in sales, sales management, technical sales, custom product development and solution architecture working with Enterprise clients. Kasey has extensive experience managing cross functional teams inclusive of product, engineering, logistics, pricing, design and legal to deliver technical solutions with innovative offerings. Kasey’s background positions her to provide key insight into helping clients optimize their current network with the ability to assist in designing a transformed state that provides clients with beneficial technical and commercial terms for the future.

Kasey Crever

Managing Consultant

Greg brings 35 years of industry experience to Strongbow crafting and negotiating network/telecom and IT service agreements, both on the supplier side and as a consultant supporting enterprise clients. Greg’s supply-side experience in the special pricing/contracting organizations has proven invaluable in understanding decision-making processes and driving favorable and optimized outcomes for his clients. As a Managing Consultant at Strongbow, Greg manages network transformation and cost optimization engagements with Fortune 500 companies.

Greg Elliot

Managing Consultant

David is a highly experienced telecom professional with over 20+ years in the industry. He has a strong track record of success in telecom billing audit, vendor and expense management. Prior to joining Strongbow, David had a pivotal role of telecom expense manager at one of the largest cable operators in the U.S., where he consistently delivered savings and outstanding results. David takes pride in his ability to foster positive relationships with clients and colleagues to build trust and drive successful outcomes. At Strongbow, David will be part of the Audit & Optimization Team where he will leverage his extensive experience and expertise to maximize savings for clients.

Dave Erazo


Jeff has been working in Telecom since he graduated college. He has 5 years of experience working with large telecom providers such as AT&T and Verizon. In his previous position, he supported these providers by conducting both cost and network analysis of bills that these companies receive from other providers.

Jeff Fortier

Financial Analyst

Tim has spent the past two decades constructing and negotiating technology services commercial agreements. His extensive experience working on behalf of both buyers and suppliers gives him a unique perspective from both sides of the table, invaluable in creating mutually beneficial solutions. As a Managing Consultant at Strongbow, Tim leads engagements that assist clients in their technology sourcing strategy and execution.

Tim Foust

Managing Consultant

Vadim is an industry leader with over 16 years of experience leading multi-national companies in orchestrating platform engineering work, organizing cloud FinOps practices, financial management, contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, and resource optimization. As a Managing Consultant in Strongbow’s Hybrid Cloud practice Vadim is responsible for supporting clients in optimizing their cloud environments, identifying the appropriate tools for engineering work, and optimizing commercial models. Vadim earned his Master’s degree in Financial Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and his Bachelor’s degrees in Applied Math & Electrical Engineering from Stony Brook University.

Vadim Gedzberg

Managing Consultant

Elsa has 16 years of experience analyzing, sourcing, and managing telecom, network, cloud, and IT transformational projects. Her extensive experience ranges from analyst, indirect category sourcing, identifying data security risks, IT network and transformation project management with large cross functional and global teams. Using risk mitigation, market research, financial analysis and planning, Elsa arrives at a dynamic negotiation strategy to provide supplier solution design and sourcing that meet the exact needs and core business values of clients, strengthening the present and future business strategies.

Elsa Gilbride

Engagement Consultant

Amanda has 10 years of experience in the Telecom Industry. She’s previously supported large F500 companies as well as SMB and has developed a diverse range of skills from auditing to provisioning and trouble resolution. At Strongbow Amanda will be assisting the Audit & Optimization Team in maximizing short-term savings, as well as long-term self-funding of transformation programs for the Fortune500.

Amanda Green

Financial Analyst

Jasmayne joined Strongbow with more than 15 years’ experience managing finance and accounting functions at small to mid-size firms. In her role as Finance Manager at Strongbow, Jasmayne manages finance, accounting, payroll and employee benefits functions for the firm.

Jasmayne Williams

Finance Manager

Bruce brings 25 years’ industry experience in both supplier and buyer roles. Prior to joining Strongbow, Bruce held several Technology Sourcing leadership positions at prominent financial institutions. He leverages his extensive experience in various technology categories to develop creative and resourceful solutions that provide maximum savings and risk reduction to his clients. As a Managing Consultant at Strongbow, Bruce is responsible for driving success in both network transformation and cost optimization engagements with our Fortune 500 clients.

Bruce Goldberg

Managing Consultant

Kendall’s focus at Strongbow lies in marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. A former professional fencing instructor and coach with one of the nation’s premier academies, Kendall is completing his MBA with concentration in marketing and supports Strongbow’s business development and marketing teams by conducting research, analysis, and facilitating the execution of marketing campaigns.

Kendall Harmeyer

Business Development & Marketing Associate

Eric has over 7 years of Telecom pricing experience working for one of the largest wholesale providers in the industry. He has created models for billion-dollar contracts and developed pricing scenarios that saved customers millions. At Strongbow he builds baselines to help show the available savings and network improvement opportunities to clients.

Eric Hart

Financial Analyst

Cassandra has 6+ years of experience in the telecom industry. Previously, she supported large telecom providers by conducting cost analysis and auditing telecom expenses. Today, Cassandra is a Financial Analyst at Strongbow, where she is responsible for building comprehensive baselines of current network assets, services, and cost drivers for various client engagements.

Cassandra Hattenbach

Financial Analyst

Kathryn joined Strongbow with 7+ years of broad-based property management finance experience, including detailed financial reporting, reconciliations, accounts payable and treasury operations. In Kathryn’s role as Finance Coordinator, she lends support in the areas of client billings, payroll, new staff onboarding, and the month-end close.

Kathryn Heatwole

Finance Coordinator

Jeff has over 15 years’ experience in the telecom industry, supporting clients of all size and across multiple industries. He has held a variety of roles supporting telecom, wireless, and cloud expense management. Today, Jeff is a Financial Analyst at Strongbow helping to support our Hybrid Cloud practice.

Jeffrey Hudson

Financial Analyst

With 25 years’ experience in various roles at Verizon, Heather has extensive experience supporting large scale organizations with their IT and telecom needs. As the Audit & Optimization Manager at Strongbow, Heather leads Strongbow’s forensic audit practice, helping Strongbow’s audit clients maximize savings through both short-term service cost optimization and contract compliance monitoring and management.

Heather Sobotta

Audit & Optimization Manager

Hank brings over 27+ years of industry experience, which includes supplier side pricing and managing sourcing engagements for large enterprise customers. As Director of Business Development, Hank is responsible for working with clients to develop custom network sourcing solutions. This includes executing network/telecom service assessments and developing sourcing strategies to enable realization of identified savings/network optimization opportunities.

Hank King

Director, Business Development 

Teresa brings over 25 years of experience auditing and managing telecom expenses for Enterprise businesses. She has a unique prospective for auditing and optimizing services as she has worked directly for several Enterprise businesses, as well she worked for a 3rd party TEM, auditing/optimizing her clients telecom expenses, while earning their trust and partnership.

Teresa Krol

Auditor / Financial Analyst 

During his career in the telecom industry, Tim has spent 25+ of those years working for two of the largest telecom companies in the world. His roles included Sales and Sales Manager, Account Manager, Technical Consultant/Program Manager, and Software Engineer. He is always thinking strategically and functioning tactically to ensure objectives are being met for his Fortune 500 clients. At Strongbow, Tim is a Financial Analyst, responsible for building comprehensive inventories to use for complex financial analysis to help transform client networks.

Tim Kastrup

Financial Analyst

Gary is a telecommunications executive with 25+ years of experience leading global teams to create and execute revenue maximization strategies. Gary has broad industry vertical experience serving Fortune 500 retail and global wholesale markets with a specialization in game theory, price strategy and contract negotiation. As a Management Consultant at Strongbow, Gary is well positioned to help clients balance short-term savings and optimization with long-term network transformation.

Gary Laird

Managing Consultant

Doug is a seasoned financial analyst with many years spent in the private sector, first as an auditor and later as a Financial Controller, where he assumed responsibility for all Accounting and IT spend for multiple small and mid-size businesses. As a Financial Analyst at Strongbow, Doug leverages this experience to help create comprehensive baselines and financial models for Strongbow’s Fortune 500 clients.

Doug Lowe

Financial Analyst

Kelly has worked in the Telecom industry for six years as a TEM consultant, and in data analyst for over 13 years where she was able to hone her skills in auditing and budget forecasting for large businesses as well as discoverable savings for clients. Kelly’s previous work in contract management also helped develop her skills with customer facing report deliveries and in depth analysis of company performance projections in order to meet company goals. She has a passion for helping others and doing so with the highest level of integrity, diligence, and commitment to professionalism. As a financial analyst and auditor here at Strongbow, Kelly’s goal is to exceed client expectations by consistently delivering high-quality service in an atmosphere that promotes a collaborative team approach as well as individual initiative.

Kelly Madero

Financial Analyst 

John is the subject matter expert for Strongbow’s internal project and time management tools. He helps to ensure all internal resources are thoughtfully and optimally allocated for maximum efficiency. John also maintains Strongbow’s in-house Knowledge Management Library and other key aspects of Strongbow’s intellectual property.

John Mancuso

Financial Analyst

Phil brings over 35 years of industry experience in the supplier, consultant, and Enterprise client areas. Phil’s experience negotiating complex IT and network agreements both on the supplier and consulting sides, coupled with his work in the IT Sourcing Department of a major global financial institution, provide him with a unique perspective and ability to determine success for all parties. Phil currently supports Strongbow’s Business Development organization, assisting with financial assessments, contract evaluation, and the development of strategies to optimize client negotiating leverage.

Phil Perinelli

Managing Consultant

JP brings 10 years’ in-house experience managing network costs for wholesale telecom providers during their expansion of services into North America and guiding them through growth phases in the VoIP and mobility marketplaces. JP is a member of the Financial Analyst team at Strongbow, building complex financial analyses for Fortune 500 clients with a focus on successfully facilitating network transformations.

Jonathan Pillsbury

Financial Analyst

Afshin has over 18 years of industry experience in supporting large international customers through audit, sourcing, and network implementation and optimization. Today, Afshin is a Financial Analyst at Strongbow where he is responsible for building thorough baselines of current network assets, services, and cost drivers across various client engagements.

Afshin Yamin

Financial Analyst

Jen joined Strongbow with over 20 years in the IT and Telecom industry, specializing in automation of TEM processes from carrier billing to inventory audit management. Bringing her client and supplier side skills in data mining, Jen is adept at creating actionable internal analytics and from IP across varying platforms and user interfaces in her role as Manager of Business Intelligence.

Jen Ritacco

Business Intelligence Manager

Linda brings 14 years of service delivery TEM experience for small, large, domestic, and international corporations. Most recently, Linda managed the telecom expense and migrations of fixed, mobile and network services, and was lead oversight for the global corporate mobile needs for over 3000 employees. Today Linda is a Financial Analyst at Strongbow, where she is responsible for building comprehensive baselines of current network assets, services, and cost drivers for various client engagements.

Linda Robinson

Financial Analyst


Kathleen brings over 25 years of knowledge and experience supporting global enterprise clients. Supported services encompass all aspects of telecommunications including network design, business continuity, technology migrations, IoT, and mobility. As a Managing Consultant, Kathleen utilizes her unique insight in support of client network and cost optimization, supplier negotiations, and project management.

Kathleen Schoenstein

Managing Consultant