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2023 – Spring

Note From Cathy, Strongbow’s CEO

And yet in the current economic environment everyone is being challenged to do more with less, often delaying key projects and deferring investment in IT infrastructure. So how do we find the right balance, to ensure that minimizing or delaying investment in infrastructure doesn’t cause a domino effect of business disruption that impacts the P&L statement, top to bottom?

2022 – Winter

Note From Cathy, Strongbow’s CEO

In a world full of dissenting opinions and often polarized points of view, I like to find common ground – the things we can all agree on. Common ground isn’t easy to find, but I think I found some: I don’t know anyone who doesn’t agree that this year has gone by faster than any other. In fact, we have been saying this all year long – ‘the first quarter flew by’, ‘where did the summer go?’, and ‘wow, the holidays are here, I can’t believe it’. My guess is that we will be saying all of that again in the new year. But why?

2022 – Fall

Note From Cathy, Strongbow’s CEO

Recent days and weeks have brought much change: the season’s first game of Monday night football, the first day of fall, and more recently, the Dow’s lowest close since 2020. Times are uncertain at best, and we are seeing the ripple effects across our client base who continue to fight the economic headwinds of inflation, FX risk and earnings pressure with both cost-cutting campaigns and staff reductions.

2022 – Summer

Note From Cathy, Strongbow’s CEO

As Spring turns to Summer, it’s finally starting to feel a bit more like the good old days – client meetings in the office, more frequent air travel and yes, in person conferences are back as well. With the pandemic now somewhat in the rear-view mirror, much time is being spent discussing lessons learned and implications for the future. There’s some tremendous insight out there, and some key themes that continue to resurface as well.

2022 – Q1

Note From Cathy, Strongbow’s CEO

2022 is off to a fast start and while it’s definitely a new year, many of the challenges we faced in 2021 are very much still with us. We’ve already well covered our clients’ challenges in filling growing numbers of open job requisites, but this year we’re seeing a significant amount of job turnover, a new trend that is really taxing teams who are already understaffed.

2021 – Q4

Note From Cathy, Strongbow’s CEO

Welcome to our first Strongbow Newsletter! Going forward we will be sending out this compilation of industry trends, market insights and Strongbow updates at the end of each quarter. We look forward to hearing your feedback and are committed to ensuring this publication remains a worth-while read – something more and more challenging in these days of information overload!

As we round the corner towards the end of 2021, Barry Platzman takes a look at his 2020 predictions to see which came true, and which did not. He then doubles down by taking a look forward to 2022, predicting what changes the new year may bring.