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Experts in Infrastructure from the Data Center to the Desktop

Strongbow part of Accenture has deep expertise within the Data Center, including Colo and Cloud services, to the Network, to the Desktop, including Telephony, UC and Mobility.  We understand next-generation technologies and how they can improve performance and reduce risk.  But we also understand legacy technologies, including bespoke configurations and outdated systems, and the roadblocks these can create for innovation.  Bridging the gap between old and new requires working in the details with rigorous focus and a programmatic approach that orchestrates multiple stakeholders. 

Here are some of technical challenges Strongbow is currently helping to solve for our clients:

  • Does my selected SD-WAN solution scale effectively past 1000 locations?

  • How can I get reliable, low speed connectivity for all my locations, including windfarms in the desert, and switching stations in the middle of nowhere?

  • How do my deployment plans for SASE affect my planned roll out for SD-WAN?

  • Are underlying cable routes providing true diversity for my critical core connections?

  • If not, what’s the best way to engineer for true route diversity at my key global locations?

  • How will 5G affect plans for our branch network refresh?

  • How can I replace TDM connectivity with cost effective connectivity in hard-to-reach places?

  • What’s the best way to connect with my SaaS and IaaS providers, optimizing speed and performance?

  • What’s the best power consumption methodology for my on-prem hosting solution?

  • Which of my applications are cloud-fit and which would perform more optimally on-prem?

  • Are there application performance requirements that restrict the options for cloud migration?

  • How can I increase densification within my current data center?

  • How can I automate lifecycle management to drive greater efficiency for my internal and external staff resources?

Here are some of ways Strongbow helps identify and unlock cost savings for our customers:

  • Creating self-funding business cases, unlocking short-term savings to fund longer-term infrastructure modernization (and other business innovation)

  • Conducting deep, forensic analysis to identify smarter consumption methodologies based on thoughtful segmentation strategies

  • Market insight that levels the playing field with suppliers, providing commercial transparency to support optimized purchase agreements

  • Supporting at-scale M&A through pre-transaction discovery and due-diligence and post-transaction synergy capture

  • Codifying formal business and technical requirements for next generation solutions, mapping to a viable solution set of both incumbent providers and new market entrants

  • Managing competitive bids to identify and contract for next generation technology, including SLAs and other key risk mitigation strategies

  • Constructing thoughtful implementation plans that maximize savings opportunity and reduce transition costs through detailed, site-level planning