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Network Modernization for a Fortune 100 Global Retailer

Strongbow helped direct the design and architecture for client’s next generation network, including detailed technical and commercial requirements that were leveraged in client’s competitive RFP process.

Client Situation:

  • 3,000 global locations connected via MPLS (primary) and Satellite (backup) connections.  Multiple carriers providing global circuits, with somewhat limited visibility in certain regions
  • Client sought a flexible and scalable network foundation to address several existing constraints including end of life routers, POTS lines used for store telephony, lack of wireless access and bandwidth constraint at most stores

Strongbow Approach:

  • Strongbow conducted extensive discovery with all key stakeholders to identify targeted outcomes and technical, security and operational requirements
  • Leveraging the discovery process, Strongbow authored detailed technical specifications that could be translated across multiple service providers bidding for the next-gen network
  • Conducted additional reviews and site visits to assure feasibility of proposed solutions


  • SD-WAN solution (leveraging broadband and LTE) coupled with network hub (internet offload) and security strategy awarded to one provider who is also providing implementation services
  • Security at the edge vs. centrally managed, availability and performance of LTE for backup and alignment to new yet undefined telephony solution