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“Cloud Fit” Analysis Identifies Self-funding Migration to the Cloud

Strongbow identified $60M in potential annual savings to help fund a Fortune 100 health care provider’s planned migration to the public Cloud.

Client Situation:

  • 8,000 network sites supported by 6 Data Centers, all with significant technology debt
  • Following a large-scale acquisition, client needed to capture significant savings while also modernizing IT Infrastructure and maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Speed to market for new applications was also a key goal for the newly combined IT department

Strongbow Approach:

  • Strongbow analyzed multiple service options and conducted a multi-round competitive RFP with in-depth analysis of operational, financial and strategic factors
  • Led final negotiations with the winning bidder to exceed budget targets for Year 1 saving’s impact
  • Implemented industry-leading per-site availability SLA’s, backed by significant (100%+) penalties


  • Identified $60M in total annual savings from infrastructure consolidation and the migration of targeted applications to the public cloud
  • Established a high-level roadmap to modernize the existing data center environment and transition to a hybrid Cloud model