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Inventory and Maintenance Audit for Fortune 100 Insurance Firm

F100 Insurance firm reduces maintenance cost by 30% through forensic audit

Client Situation:

  • Customer had recently signed a multi-year agreement with Cisco through a VAR
  • Inventory was not properly validated prior to execution and significant network refresh was not accounted for in the new maintenance agreement
  • Maintenance service levels were without standardization in place (e.g. different service levels were purchased within the unique locations)

Strongbow Approach:

  • Collected inventory information from network monitoring tool, lists of recently decommissioned equipment and closed site lists and mapped assets against Cisco invoices
  • Reviewed maintenance agreements; conducted stakeholder interviews to identify savings opportunities from removing maintenance on decommissioned equipment and adjusting service levels; audited contract compliance
  • Analyzed software entitlements and related maintenance charges to ensure that licensing was right sized for current and future requirements


  • Identified ~30% in savings opportunities (from $15M annual spend) by:
    • Removing non-existent assets from maintenance
    • Enforcing contract compliance and removing maintenance on excluded items
    • Rationalizing and standardizing maintenance service levels across all locations
  • Managed negotiation process with Cisco to remove assets from maintenance and maximize 2019 financial impact