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Accelerated Supplier Negotiations: $25M Savings in 5 Months

Strongbow generated over $25M in annual savings within just 5 months by leading directed negotiations with AT&T and Verizon, despite extensive circuit inventories of legacy, end-of-life network connectivity

Client Situation:

  • Fortune 500 Fintech company with over $12B in revenue operating in ~140 countries
  • Growth through acquisition led to poor visibility with both circuit inventories and contracts
  • A significant inventory of legacy (TDM) services and poor commercial terms prompted incumbent suppliers to threaten rate increases leading to unfavorable bargaining power

Strongbow Approach:

  • Developed detailed services inventory and created ‘best of best’ analysis across all former contracting parties to identify immediate savings as well as longer term savings synergies
  • Launched a directed renegotiation process with incumbent suppliers
  • Orchestrated supplier communications including a multilevel escalation strategy leveraging Strongbow’s relationships within supplier pricing organizations


  • Generated $25M+ year in annual ‘sign & save’ cost reductions, in addition to cost avoidance estimated at $24M annually (given potential rate increases for end-of-life services)
  • Negotiated 3-year TDM migration plan providing price protection and cost predictability throughout the new contract term
  • Preserved commercial flexibility to support client’s plans to migrate to SD-WAN