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Savings Roadmap for 10,000+ Site Branch Network

Strongbow completed a network assessment for $200M in network spend and within three weeks identified 20% in short term savings potential.

Client Situation:

  • Fortune 50 Healthcare services company with 10,000 branch locations
  • Client wanted short-term savings (in fiscal year) and additional savings to help fund refresh for the substantial technical debt stemming from a large-scale branch network
  • Additionally, service levels from third-party managed service providers did not meet expectations

Strongbow Approach:

  • Developed comprehensive inventories for major telecom suppliers in order to perform a forensic audit validating contract compliance for all voice and data network services
  • Additional efforts focused on identifying failed or missed disconnects, charges at non-client addresses and closed sites and other services no longer used or needed


  • Through a thorough and rigorous review, Strongbow identified $7.5M in annual cost savings through numerous audit findings and optimization recommendations
  • Despite global TEM implementation, roughly 15% of client’s telephony spend was inaccurate