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Risk Assessment through Circuit Diversity Review

Strongbow engaged in a detailed, forensic evaluation of the current, mission-critical network architecture to identify circuits that didn’t conform to technical specifications and required remediation and/or repair

Client Situation:

  • A Fortune 50 Global Bank operated its core network across multiple internal and external connections spanning several continents; low latency and 100% availability were critical requirements to support mission critical applications
  • Underlying network resiliency and supplier diversity were critical technical specifications, supplier consolidation and network grooming altered configurations over time, creating performance risk
  • In addition to assessing technical risk, the client needed a sustainable approach to tracking underlying configuration details at the circuit route and vendor level

Strongbow Approach:

  • Strongbow collected detailed network diagrams for both primary and sub-tending carriers; enhanced NDA documents were signed as necessary
  • Additionally, updated KMZ files were collected from the providers to identify additional details at the circuit and vendor level
  • A sustainable process was created to maintain up-to-date and accurate configuration records on file, and track ongoing latency metrics to discern and un-authorized changes that might take place


  • A review was conducted for more than 100 sites; of that population, 30 locations were scored with an unacceptable risk indicator.  In those cases, additional review was conducted to either direct the current supplier to make the changes necessary to conform with existing technical specifications, or alternative suppliers and associated configurations were identified as a replacement strategy