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Beating the Benchmark

Leveraging our unique process and market insight, Strongbow identified 10X more savings potential than another 3rd party benchmark, and effectively actioned our recommendations to capture $11M+ in annual savings within 6 months of engagement

Client Situation:

  • A Fortune 100 Financial Services company completed an annual benchmark study, identifying $1M – $1.5M in annual cost savings
  • Voice and data teams were not aligned under executive leadership, creating fractured sourcing and vendor management strategies
  • Although the data team had recently transformed the WAN, upcoming modernization initiatives required additional funding, and capturing maximum incremental savings was a critical

Strongbow Approach:

  • Strongbow collected targeted financial and technical data, including readily available invoice and inventory documents; requirements for client resources were minimized given resource constraints
  • Strongbow performed a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the current network environment, including both data and voice services, identifying $10M+ in annual savings potential
  • Strongbow prepared a detailed and actionable recommendations report for the client, showing a path to savings across multiple service categories; in addition, operational and technical risks were identified, including a plan for risk remediation


  • Strongbow was engaged to implement all recommendations; leveraging both cost optimization and competitive sourcing techniques, Strongbow delivered over $11M in annual cost savings within 6 months of publishing the initial recommendations report